W15BS series

W15BS series

The measuring current transformers of the W15BS series detect AC and DC residual currents. The recorded currents are evaluated by the evaluators connected via the measuring current transformer connecting cable. The connection to the respective devices is made via a six-core cable. The CTs can be used in DC, AC, and 3(N)AC systems.

The measuring current transformers feature an integrated mu-metal shield to prevent interferences from external magnetic fields.


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  • Suitable for AC/DC sensitive type B residual current measurement acc. to IEC 60755
  • Shield to prevent interferences caused by high load currents and external magnetic fields
  • Integrated connecting cable
  • Pluggable connector
    The W15BS measuring current transformers are suitable for AC/DC sensitive residual current measurement in power supply systems up to a rated voltage of 600 V and a rated current of 48 A, where DC fault currents can occur due to the existing converters. The rated residual current is 1000 mA.


Variantes de W15BS series

TypeConnector length (mm)Art. No.
W15BS1470 ±30B98080065
W15BS-01180 ±25B98080067
W15BS-03325 ±25B98080068

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