TMX-HA operator panel

TMX-HA operator panel

The TMX-HA alarm indicator and operator panel is used to select manual or automatic operating mode at the changeover equipment UMC…-HA or the control module USC…-HA. The panel is recommended to be installed in the cabinet door of the distribution board incorporating the changeover equipment. By means of a toggle switch manual or automatic mode can be selected. Indicator lights show the respective operating mode. In the manual mode, the respective line is switched on via the buttons On/Off. 
An additional indicator light “Fault/manual mode” is built-in to signal faults in the changeover equipment. The other indicator lights are designed to indicate the current operating condition of Line 1 and Line 2.

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  • Melde-LEDs für Leitung 1/2: Ein, Automatik, Störung/Handbetrieb
  • Melde-LEDs für Leitung 1/2: Spannung vorhanden alternativ: Leistungsschalter Q1/Q2 ausgelöst
  • Drucktaster Ein/Aus Leitung 1/2
  • Knebelschalter für Umschaltung Hand-/Automatikbetrieb
  • Reflexionsfreie Folienoberfläche

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