The AC/DC sensitive CTBS25 (type B) measuring current transformers convert system leakage and fault currents into an evaluable measurement signal. The devices are suitable for detecting fault currents with smooth DC components. The measuring current transformers can be used in DC, AC, and 3(N)AC systems. The measurement signal is evaluated using devices of the RCMS460/490 or EDS440 series, to which the measuring current transformers are connected.

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  • Split-core measuring current transformer for easy retrofitting without disconnecting the primary conductors
  • Suitable for AC/DC sensitive type B residual current measurement
  • Can be combined with RCMS460/490 residual current monitoring systems
  • Can be combined with EDS440 insulation fault locators
  • Supply voltage DC 24 V
  • for residual current monitoring systems (RCMS)
  • for insulation fault locators (EDS)


Variantes de LINETRAXX® CTBS25

TypeSupply voltage USArt. No.
CTBS25DC 24 VB98120060

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