RFID module without integrated status LEDs

The RFID module is a separate PCB which facilitates user interaction with the charging system and is designed in accordance with the ISO14443A/MIFARE standard. It can be connected to the charge controller via the provided RJ45 cable.

Charging is initiated by holding a valid RFID card, which is registered in a backend system, close to the antenna of the RFID module. In offline operation, the charge controller can optionally allow charging without authorization or it can authorize users based on RFID and a local white list of authorized RFID cards.


Suitable accessories for Charge Controller:

  • Aplicaciones
  • Información de pedido
  • Descargas
  • For use in combination with charge controllers used in electric vehicle charging stations, wall boxes and street light charging points


Variantes de RFID114

TypeArt. No.
RFID114 (RJ45 cable (length 500 mm) included)B94060114

Descargas para RFID114



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